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Read more than 20% of

The Legend of Mighty Mabel

here for free.




Books by Vance Avis


The Legend of Mighty Mabel

By Vance Avis

Available in two eBook Editions:


Link to Amazon Kindle Edition


Link to Barnes & Noble NOOK Edition



Regarding the above two links to The Legend of Mighty Mabel

Both Amazon: Kindle eBook readers

and Barnes & Noble: NOOK eBook readers

provide free eBook readers to install on a laptop or other devices,

which also provides access to a large number of free eBooks.





Read for free here this 6000-word humorous short story:

Bertha’s Family Update



Also by Vance Avis and available here to read for free is

Vance’s Notebook for Corel® Painter™ Essentials 4






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Notes from Vance


I am currently writing mixed-genre fiction books that can generally be described as adventures, and often Poe-style thrillers, driven by a mystery plot, carried by two romantically involved, male-and-female, classical-literature-type characters with much intelligent, humorous banter.


My first book, The Legend of Mighty Mabel, fits the above general description and is a book for the entire family, but it is not a children’s book and it will be enjoyed and appreciated by adults. You can read more than 20% of it for free here on this website.


Come follow me on Twitter @VanceAvis as I humorously look at life through poetry in 140 characters. And I will occasionally let you know of updates to this website.


For questions and comments on any of my books (e.g. published editions or the upcoming, signed-and-numbered, first-print edition of The Legend of Mighty Mabel or new titles), please feel free to contact me at My website, (or, will soon provide more information on my books for those interested in what I am doing.

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Edition 2012-02-13




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